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who might be leaning towards obama, might be leaning towards romney, but haven't cemented it in. so what we're going to see over the next two weeks or next 12 days, is they are going to make an effort to try to lock up their base, get their vote out, but also try to get these uncommitted voters to come their way. so, we've heard a lot in their messages. it has all come down to the economy. the last presidential debate this past week was about foreign policy but dominated by the discussion of the economy and that's what we're going to hear from the candidates on the campaign trail. >> candy, ultimately those, that small sliver that mark is talking about, wants answers as you suggest, they are not likely to get in the next week and a half or so. inevitably, there are going to be unanswered questions. it won't matter for the loser what is the advantage to being nonspecific right now. can they still -- can these candidates who are deadlocked, can they win this election without getting more specific? >> well, somebody will without -- and neither one of them have been very specific as you
>>> you want lower taxes. mitt romney says he'll cut everyone's taxes and he'll lower the deficit. wow! no, that would be having your cake and eating it, too. i'm ali velshi. this is "your money" and as long as folks running the office won't tell you the truth about the economy, i will. here's the problem with mitt romney's math. he slashes personal income taxes by 20% across the board, the cost of doing so will be $5 trillion over ten years. okay, so that's less money for a government already deep in the red, one would assume it makes the deficit worse, right? wrong. romney says he'll pay for that tax cut in two ways, one, he'll limit the tax breaks. he'll spur economic growth because people can use that money that they'll save this taxes. it's not entirely clear how much economic growth that will produce. what is clear is that the measly 1.3% of economic growth that they achieved in the second quarter this year isn't enough to make up for the romney shortfall, and with the u.s. economy forecasted to grow by about 3% in 2013 and 2014, romney's plan, as attractive as it sounds, is
an event in virginia on saturday. governor romney cancelled events that was planned for tomorrow. i should also say the romney campaign says they are suspending fundraising e-mails in washington, d.c. d.c., in virginia, pennsylvania, north carolina and new jersey. so big impact on politics. >> the romney camp moving its campaigning, paul ryan and mitt romney to ohio over the next couple of days, but there too, they might find themselves in the middle of a whole lot of snow, while that's expected there, while the east coast deals with a lot of wind, rain -- momentarily, maybe about six minutes or so away, we understand the new york mayor of michael bloomberg is expected to have a press conference about the preparations that are under way there. >> let's go to josh levs. >> as we talk about so many moves parts. we're also going to be hearing from the governors of massachusetts and pennsylvania and we'll be bringing you the information that's coming in. everyone you're seeing is in engaged in the process of making calls, reaching out, finding out everything you need to know about what's happe
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)